A Family Affair

Andrei Protsouk

Andrei Protsouk

Andrei Protsouk founded Art & Design Publishing in 2001 to promote, distribute limited editions and provide galleries with his beautiful original oeuvre. You can read Andrei's full Biography HERE.


Dennis Protsouk is the son of Andrei Protsouk. Dennis is an alumni of the Fox School of Business at Temple University. In addition, he is also a student of the arts and loves painting and creating himself. Dennis has worked with Andrei since childhood. He is an experienced sales person with a entrepreneurial marketing background. Dennis manages Andrei's artwork, client relations, design, video production and handles sales and marketing for Art & Design Publishing. You can email him directly any time at: art@artanddesignpublishing.com

ART & DESIGN PUBLISHING provides Andrei's work to VIP MEMBERS through an exclusive program designed for leading art collectors, dealers and galleries. We want to proved the highest museum-quality fine art originals and limited editions to your art gallery, catalog or home. We are the exclusive distributors of Andrei's fine art in the United States. Our partnerships are family relationships. We tailor our programs to the needs of our clients.

Whether you are looking to start your own gallery business or you are already an established gallery, interior decorator or publisher, Art & Design Publishing provides you with the tools and artwork to build long term relationships with collectors. We provide artwork, curation support, marketing and promotional material and fine art that is low risk due to Andrei's success and quite frankly with images that people love. Andrei's work is collected around the world. It is a distinguished and appealing style that Andrei has developed his whole life that makes it highly collectible. You can read Andrei's full biography here

Unlike many other publishing companies, Art & Design Publishing has been in the retail gallery business for over 20 years. We understand the art programs on the market and know how to promote Protsouk's work unlike anyone else in the business. We know that having wonderful artwork, especially like Andrei's that sells, is just the beginning of long term success. We pledge to provide this your collectors.

Our client care is committed, generous and is unlike anywhere in the art industry because working with us is like being part of our family.

Thank you and we look forward to growing our business together!

Andrei Protsouk (Right) Dennis Protsouk (Left) at the Stonehenge  holding  Andrei's New Original "Stonehenge Mystery"

Andrei Protsouk (Right) Dennis Protsouk (Left) at the Stonehenge holding Andrei's New Original "Stonehenge Mystery"


  • 100 % AUTHENTICITY - Every limited edition and artist proof giclee includes an official Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

  • HAND EMBELLISHED - Each limited edition Giclee is hand embellished by the artist, making each print a one-of-a-kind work.

  • SIGNED & NUMBERED - Each fine art limited edition is signed and numbered by the artist approval and careful inspection.

  • EXCLUSIVE CARE - Special finish is applied to give each print a protection against UV light, moisture and scratches.

  • MUSEUM QUALITY - High quality canvas prints stretched on heavy-duty stretchers and painted on the sides; ready for stand alone hanging.

  • STATE-OF-THE-ART REPRODUCTION - Engineered for fine art market, our prints have an ultra-high resolution, vibrant full color spectrum and to maintain the look and feel of the original painting.

  • LIMITED QUANTITIES - Our prints are typically limited to 100 US editions and 100 UK only editions. Artist Proof Prints are limited to 5 or 10 numbers.

  • ARTIST PROOF - In addition to hand embellishment, depending on the image, the Artist will further enhance the print with texture, paint and gold leafs professionally gilded which will make each editions unique and special.